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Life Manager

Get It Done - In Time - Every Time

Tap each colour to find out more about how WarningZ can organise your life!

  • Create WarnZ

    6 days

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    Creating Tasks

    To use the power of WarningZ you can create items (WarnZ) quickly and easily using bundled Templates. 

    You can create your own templates or download templates created by other users.

    Short of time? Use a 'QuickWarnZ'!  Add a title and create.  To use all of WarningZ power come back later to edit if you wish.

    Repetitive tasks? Duplicate then edit existing WarnZ.

  • Customize

    2 weeks

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    Customize WarningZ

    WarningZ comes with Themes so you can change how WarningZ looks.  

    WarningZ can configure each item (WarnZ) to show different amounts of information.  Have a clean column of WarnZ with just the titles or show it all!

    WarningZ can be configures with multiple columns.  Setup one for your home, one for work and one for that project you've been meaning to get on with! 

    WarningZ even has a 'simulator' (sandbox) column where you can play with WarnZ without the risk of unintentional edits to your important WarnZ!

  • Interact

    22 days

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    WarningZ User Interface

    WarningZ uses standard Apple Gestures but there are normally multiple ways of completing any action.  Tap or swipe - experiment to find the interaction you like best.

  • Send and Share

    25 days

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    Send And Share

    Send WarnZ with their Action Links to other WarningZ Users.

    Planning an Restaurant Evening? Send a WarnZ with the date and a link to the restaurant web page menu; your and the restaurant's contact card (with address for Maps Navigation).  

    Wedding?  Send a WarnZ with the date, location, wedding present webpage, guest lists, menu.....

    The possibilities are endless.  And in the future you'll be able to share a WarnZ so that you can see when the receipient has completed the task.

    So powerful!

  • iCloud Syncing

    34 days

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    iCloud Syncing

    WarnZ are synchronized and backed up across your devices using iCloud.  No third party servers required or sign ups required! Your information remains safely within Apple's ecosystem. 

    In the near future iCloud will be used to synchronise across devices with different Apple accounts.  Have a team?  Send out WarnZ and see when the tasks are completed.

  • Future

    35 days

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    The Future Of WarningZ

    WarningZ has an exciting future ahead. The initial release version is a 'Life' manager syncing across your devices, but we will quickly add other advanced capabilities including sharing and syncing capabities across devices on different accounts. This will enable it to be used for team and project management. Imagine multiple columns of WarnZ shared with different colleagues with each column fully synchronised in all aspects (dates and links) ............ incredibly powerful!